Beth Hinderaker

Beth Hinderaker

Beth Hinderaker

Born Ultra Preemie 3 ½ months early, just over 2 pounds in 1962 Immune compromised entire life; lungs and gut issues Sick every winter whole life until NLV products!! NOW never sick!!

Found natural solutions at 21 and dove into self -education in order to correct issues Networked with anyone whom I could learn from in order to benefit my family’s health

Married 37 years
3 adult children
Raised all of them on organic food grown primarily by myself

Formulated my family’s home care/body/skin care for years in order to tightly control what went “on and in” our bodies

Loves Jesus!! Has served in church leadership for 35 years.

Conquered health problems; asthma, crones’ disease, IBS, broken bones in healing quickly through nutrition and natural protocols from home

Started as a Theatre Arts major in college Worked in TV/Film Industry for 15 years as an actress Entrep. while raising kids at home, NEVER a 9-5 personality; always worked “outside the box”

Homeschooled all 3 kids Junior High- High School to follow their high performance sports for Division 1 Academic/Sports scholarships

Fell in love with direct sales 10 years ago when a good friend shared a product with me that changed my life and I saw the ability to do the same; working my business literally out of my backpack at the beach on a blanket while watching my daughter compete in beach volleyball.

Grew a successful Direct Sales business in that first company where I learned how important and valuable systems are.

Always looking for that company where the products, opportunity, and philosophy aligned completely with my personal brand of “natural from home wellness and vitality;” found that here at NLV.

Personal Mottos: “Choose Joy,” “Keep It Simple,” and “Others First”

Live FB Videos for past 2 years “Keep it Simple,” teach people how to embrace natural solutions easily from home and take control of their family’s wellness easily with what is simple, pure, and organic.

My Dream Goal:
Own 2-5 acres of land

OFF the grid completely (self- sufficient) both in complete energy, water, and food production sustainably through permaculture

Create a health and wellness retreat center on this land for people to unplug, relax, connect with God deeply, recharge, and take charge of their health/wellness choices

crystal ball

big things are coming!

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