Featuring The Athlete Eric Andrew King At NuLife Ventures

At NuLife Ventures we are adding a new section having views and opinions of Athletes, who have decided to use health-related products that are available at NuLifeVentures.com

Our first and newest member is Eric King

Eric was born July 2, 1982, he was drafted by the Houston Astros organization in the 13th round of the 2005 major league baseball draft. While playing in the Astros organization he was selected to one All-Star game as a starting second baseman, and was also recognized as the best defensive second baseman in 2006.

Eric King started his career in baseball at a very young age when he was just 6 years old in his hometown of Antioch, CA. His mom is the biggest fan and influencer to get him into sports.

Eric shared the highlight of his collegiate experience. While playing in the college world series in 2005 and he hit .667 at the college world series, and then years later he got selected to the All-Decade Team as a shortstop (2000-2010) at the University of TN.

He wanted to contribute more towards his wellness retreat clients and get a healthy alternative for chronic pain.

With the passage of time and polishing his skills, he came across pain relief products from NuLife Ventures.

As a person he has shared his first impression with NuLife Ventures products saying, he was extremely impressed by the science, research and track record this device i.e. Avacen 100 and Avacen Pro were in the marketplace.

Not only science but the case studies alone speak for themselves. Personally speaking “I have been inviting people to try this device. Moreover, I feel confident that I am providing a solution that can help so many”.

Advice from Eric King:
Further, Eric has shared his personal advice for persons still thinking of using NuLife Ventures products but unable to finalize it. He says, “action is the single biggest asset to living your dreams and following your passion. Particularly with NuLife Ventures, if you are on the fence, this is an incredible company, culture, and product that is changing the lives for so many. That’s powerful”.

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