Special Guests, Dr. Velvete Womack & Dr. Joseph Bird


NuLife Ventures show hosted by NuLife Ventures CEO, Bill Resides. With Special Guest, Dr. Velvete Womack, PhD “Nourish the Mind, Body, and Soul”

Dr. Velvete Womack, PhD has been nurturing souls and bodies for over 40 years. She has utilized her collective education, knowledge, wisdom and skills to educate others in nutrition, balance, wellness, and wholeness.

Dr. Velvete is an author of many self-help books, as well as a Wellness Commentator with a local radio station, a presenter and speaker for a number of organizations with the focus being on self-empowerment and achieving your highest potential.

Bill is also joined by Dr. Joseph Bird. Dr. Bird is double board-certified in OB/Gyn and also in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. He’s a Cenegenics trained anti-aging physician and heads up the NuLife Ventures Scientific Advisory Board.