Special Guest, Tom Muehlbauer, Inventor of the AVACEN!


Talk about ending the week with a bang! Bill’s special guest will be the AVACEN Inventor himself, Tom Muehlbauer!

Tom Muehlbauer, CEO of AVACEN Medical, and Inventor of the AVACEN will be sharing with us the latest and greatest updates on all things AVACEN! Tom and NuLife are very passionate about helping out the First Responders. Tom and his beautiful wife Danielle have put together a MATCH Campaign to buy 1,000 lunches for the brave souls on the front lines. Let’s all help out by donating to match California Pizza Kitchen’s $10,000! Simply go to: http://gf.me/u/xzad7y for more details.

Bill is also joined by Dr. Joseph Bird. Dr. Bird is double board-certified in OB/Gyn and also in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. He’s a Cenegenics trained anti-aging physician and heads up the NuLife Ventures Scientific Advisory Board.