Special Guests Danielle Forsgren & Codrin Blosiu D.C.

Danelle Forsgren & Codrin Blosiu

NuLife Ventures show hosted by NuLife Ventures CEO, Bill Resides, with Special Guests, Danielle Forsgren & Codrin Blosiu D.C.

Dr. Codrin works with the NAVY SEALS, US Olympic athletes and NASA. His approach to health is one in which the diversity of the individual dictates individual attention. He only uses state of the art FDA approved passive modalities and techniques in synergy to actively advance your health.

Danielle is the Co-Founder and Director of Education and Sales for AVACEN Medical. With her husband of 30 years, Thomas Muehlbauer Inventor /Ceo, their mission is to have an AVACEN device in every household on the planet.

Bill is also joined by Dr. Joseph Bird. Dr. Bird is double board-certified in OB/Gyn and also in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. He’s a Cenegenics trained anti-aging physician and heads up the NuLife Ventures Scientific Advisory Board.